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Crypto Invoicing

Custom crypto invoicing makes managing payments quick & easy.


Crypto invoicing is transforming the landscape of payments, as businesses and individuals worldwide embrace this innovative solution. Leading the charge is Aurpay, a cutting-edge platform that prioritizes speed, security, and affordability, ensuring that users can efficiently accept various cryptocurrencies as payment.

In our rapidly evolving digital age, it is crucial for businesses to stay competitive by adopting new technologies. Aurpay’s Bitcoin invoicing and Bitcoin invoice generator solutions empower you to stay at the forefront of this revolution. By delivering a seamless, user-friendly experience, Aurpay simplifies cross-border transactions and safeguards against price volatility, helping you thrive in a global marketplace.

Crypto Invoicing

Crypto Invoice Generator: Streamline Your Payment Process


Our Crypto Invoice Generator makes it easy to create, send, and track Bitcoin invoices. With just a few clicks, you can generate a custom invoice that captures all the essential details, while maintaining an elegant, minimal design that’s easy to understand. This streamlined process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.


Bitcoin Invoices: Embracing the Digital Currency Revolution


As more and more people embrace digital currencies, it’s crucial for businesses to keep up with the times. Our Bitcoin invoicing solution allows you to accept payments from customers around the world, eliminating the need for traditional banking intermediaries and reducing transaction fees.


Blockchain Invoice Processing: Unparalleled Security and Transparency


Blockchain technology is the foundation of Aurpay’s invoice processing, offering an unmatched level of security and transparency. With our comprehensive security measures, you can trust that your revenue is protected from fraud and chargebacks. In addition, our platform allows you to track account receivables and improve accountability within your business.


With Aurpay’s crypto invoicing platform, you can:

Avoid price volatility

Our system calculates the crypto-denominated amount when payment is initiated, shielding you from fluctuations in the market.

Make Cross-Border Payments

Whether you're a freelancer or a business, our platform enables you to accept crypto payments from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Security

Our team of experts is dedicated to strengthening our infrastructure, using innovative blockchain and smart contract technology to ensure the safety of your transactions.

Getting started with Aurpay is simple. Just add customer and invoice details, amount, and due date to create a custom invoice. Then, send your invoice via email or text message with a payment link containing the invoice details. Finally, get paid fast and globally in your preferred cryptocurrency, with funds settling into your personal wallet within minutes.

Send a custom invoice in minutes and get paid fast

Create a custom invoice

Create an invoice by just adding customer and invoice details, amount and due date through an easy-to-use platform.

Send an invoice

Email or text your customer a payment link containing the invoice details to your customer with just a click.

Get paid fast globally

In your preferred cryptocurrency, settle to your personal wallet within a few minutes, resulting in a 96% gas reduction.

Easy operations

Manage invoices directly from the dashboard, automate payments using a suite of advanced features.

What’s included

Flexible Settlement Options

Aurpay’s platform offers flexible settlement options. This feature provides you with the freedom to manage your finances according to your unique needs and preferences.

Manage your invoices with ease through our user-friendly dashboard, and take advantage of advanced features that automate payments and streamline operations. Our platform includes:

End-to-end crypto invoicing management

Dashboard invoicing

Hosted invoice page

API invoicing

Support for major popular cryptocurrencies and any crypto wallet

Reconciliation with transaction flow

Dashboard reporting

One-time effort setup

Bitcoin Invoicing

Effortless Integration with Your Business


Integrate Aurpay’s crypto invoicing seamlessly into your existing business operations. Our API and plugins make it simple to connect with popular e-commerce platforms and accounting software, ensuring a smooth transition to accepting cryptocurrency payments without disrupting your workflow.

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