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Accept crypto as payment in crypto invoices is everywhere, track and get paid faster.Crypto invoicing covers how to create a bitcoin invoice.
All the essentials are captured and elegantly rendered on a minimal invoice, delivered straight to your customer’s inbox. Automate how you collect and reconcile payments.

Clear, crisp and accurate invoices

Avoid price volatility

Aurpay shields you from the price volatility of cryptocurrencies. We calculate the crypto denominated amount when payment is initiated.

Cross Border Payments

As a freelancer or an organization, we let you send invoicing in crypto to accept crypto as payment from anyone anywhere in the world.

Track account receivables

Improve accountability and transparency into your business by tracking received cryptos against invoices paid.

No chargebacks, no fraud

Crypto payments eliminate fraud to protect your revenue powered by Blockchain technology.

Comprehensive security

Our team includes innovative blockchain and smart contract technology, all focused on strengthening our infrastructure.

Crypto invoicing built for speed and scale Send an
invoice in minutes

Invoicing built for speed and scale Send an invoice in minutes

Create a custom invoice

Create an invoice by just adding customer and invoice details, amount and due date through an easy-to-use platform.

Send an invoice

Email or text your customer a payment link containing the invoice details to your customer with just a click.

Get paid fast globally

In your preferred cryptocurrency, settle to your personal wallet within a few minutes, resulting in a 96% gas reduction.

Easy operations

Manage invoices directly from the dashboard, automate payments using a suite of advanced features.

What’s included

Manage crypto invoicing end-to-end

Create invoices

Dashboard invoicing

Hosted invoice page

API invoicing

Accept payment methods

Using any crypto wallets

Major popular cryptocurrencies supported

Recognition and reconcilation

Reconciliation with transaction flow

Dashboard reporting

One time effort


  • Stablecoins are the type of cryptocurrencies often expressed in US dollars. They are pegged 1:1 with US dollars.


    4 mins read

  • How can blockchain be considered as a decentralized system from a logical perspective? Decentralization is dispersing the control and decision-making functions away from a centralized entity or authority in the blockchain. There is no longer a third party such as an individual, organization, or group. An authority does not control blockchains but the entire network of participants.


    4 mins read

  • There are two general types of blockchain by permission type. Permissioned and permissionless blockchains as shown below.


    4 mins read

Start achieving more with Aurpay invoices

A perfect way to request cryptocurrency payments from customers.


Handle the entire payments life cycle with our advanced payments solution.

Dashboard reporting

Hosted invoice page

API invoicing