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One integrated account, limitless opportunities. No matter your company size or technology stack, you can use Aurpay e-commerce plugins to boost sales for your business.

Crypto Ecommerce Platform

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Ecommerce Integrations at a Glance


Choose from crypto payment plugins optimized for a variety of ecommerce platforms.



File:WooCommerce logo.svg


Scale your WooCommerce site with rapid setup of your new crypto payment gateway – no coding required.



Ecwid Logos & Brand Assets | Brandfetch


When it comes to success on Ecwid, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are a must. Onboard with ease and start accepting crypto payments today.

Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads - Simple eCommerce for Selling Digital Files


With an Aurpay ecommerce merchant account for Easy Digital Downloads, Bitcoin payments are just a click away.

Paid Memberships Pro


Brand Assets and Media Resources


Lock-in Paid Memberships Pro cryptocurrency capabilities and ensure that all of your customers are able to have their payment preferences met.


Our Simple Crypto Ecommerce Integration Process


From Shopify to Ecwid to WooCommerce, cryptocurrency payments are one of the best ways to grow your business and get your goods and services to more customers.

Step One: Choose Your Ecommerce Platform


We offer ecommerce solutions for all major ecommerce platforms, with easy-to-integrate plugins that get your new payment system up and running in record time.

Step Two: Create a Custom Payment Gateway


Follow our simple setup process to customize how your payment gateway will look on your site.

Step Three: Start Accepting Crypto


Instantly start increasing your sales with the ability to accept crypto payments from more than 420 million cryptocurrency users around the globe.

Why Your Ecommerce Site Should Accept Crypto Payments

Drive Higher Conversion Rates


Boost sales and enhance customer loyalty by adopting a modern approach to processing on-site payments.

Reach More Buyers In More Places


Leverage the Blockchain network and crypto technology to achieve true global expansion.

Streamline Business Operations


Drive business revenue with 360° reporting and automate back-end processes without sacrificing your profit potential.


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