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Accept Crypto Payments


Aurpay makes it easy for your business to accept crypto payments online with enterprise-grade tools that offer a fast, safe, and cost-effective solution for managing cross-border cryptocurrency payments of any size.

Cryptocurrencies we work with:

Value Creation & Technical Innovation.


Integrate crypto payments with your

online store in just one minute.

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Attract 420m+ crypto users


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Save up to 96% on settlement


Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your Website

Choose from the widest range of handy integration tools and plugins:

What Makes Aurpay the Best Bitcoin Payment Processor?

Stablecoin Settlements

Use our crypto wallet partner to conveniently settle Bitcoin payments and other digital funds into stablecoin.

Rapid Pay-Ins and Pay-Outs

We help you operate at the speed of now, with rapid speed pay-ins and pay-outs so you can grow with efficiency.

Compliance Oversight

We are an MSB member that strictly follows AML, ATF, and other risk control measures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for crypto payments.

Global Capabilities

We offer secure, cross-border payment solutions so you can accept Bitcoin payments online in real time, no matter where you’re located.

Accept Crypto Payments
and Boost Your
Business Efficiency

With Aurpay, you get access to more than just the best crypto payment processor.  Use your customized Aurpay dashboard to bill and settle crypto payments across your organization, with full control over your funds and built-in tools for growing your business online.

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Manage Crypto Donations & Subscriptions

Track Your Transaction Flow

Send & Settle Crypto Invoices

Perform Reconciliations

Integrate Aurpay today and get the fastest and most reliable solution for processing crypto payments.

Versatile Options to Help You Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your Website

For Payment Request

Crypto Invoice Billing

Request crypto payments and send customized crypto invoices for goods and services to your customers.

For Ecommerce

E-Commerce Plugins

Support for a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce, Ecwid, and more.

For General Website

Hosted Payment Pages

Checkout services are compatible with all crypto wallets, so you can start accepting crypto payments right from your site.

For Developers

Powerful APIs

Instant, low-cost crypto payment processing that can be integrated with business platforms using just a few lines of code.

Versatile Payment Scenarios For Collecting Bitcoin and Altcoins

For Payment Request

Invoice Email Billing

Simply request crypto payment and send customized invoices for goods, services to your customers.

For Ecommerce

E-commerce plugins

Support Ecommerce platforms which includes Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, etc.

For General Website

Hosted Payment Page

Connect to our checkout is the fastest way to start accepting crypto payments. The hosted solution enables payments that are compatible with all crypto wallets.

For Developers

Powerful APIs

Integrate instant, low-cost global payments into any business or application including game and creators’ platforms within a few lines of code.

Best Crypto Payment Processor

Your Digital Assets, Your Call

Get Full Control Over Crypto Transactions

Aurpay is the most secure way to accept crypto payments. That’s because our features are backed by smart contracts, a non-custodial feature that gives you full control over the keys to your crypto transactions.


A smart contract is a set of self-enforcing agreements that ensures blockchain security, reliability, and accessibility. That means you can:

Enjoy 100% merchant control over crypto funds, with smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain

Withdraw your crypto funds at any time

Create, modify, or end the smart contract whenever you want

Benefits Generated By Blockchain Technology


Crypto users all over the world


Percent of new customers that pay with crypto


ROI from interviewed merchant


Boost the number of orders



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