Safer, Faster, Lower-Cost

Dump the old dull payment method and embrace the future payment method-crypto payment with AURPAY!


Supported Cryptos

AURPAY can provide customized service to fulfill your needs of accepting other tokens/ cryptocurrencies.

AURPAY’s Services

  • AURPAY helps you receive and send crypto payments in a cost-saving way.
  • AURPAY provides you with a crypto reconciliation management system to improve your business efficiency.
  • You can view the transaction volume and order details in the system.
  • You can withdraw the cryptos to the designated withdrawal address from the system.

Use AURPAY For Your E-commerce Checkout

By deploying AURPAY to your e-commerce business, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Short settlement period to enable your business to gain credit advantage and bargaining ability in the upstream and downstream channels.
  • Low transaction fee to reduce your cost.

AURPAY helps financial brokerage companies and game companies accept cryptos.