Smart Contract Service, Smart Contract Platform

Manage and protect your funds with our smart contract service.

We make it safe, fast, and easy for your business to accept crypto, with a smart contract service designed to help you manage your funds in a pure non-custodial way. Learn more about the Aurpay smart contract platform, and find out firsthand why it’s the best solution there is for processing crypto funds on your site.

Smart Contract Service

Advantages of Our Smart Contract Platform

Speed, efficiency, accuracy

Our smart contract service is executed automatically once conditions are met. That means no paperwork, no reconciling errors, and no disruptions to your business when you use Aurpay to manage crypto payments on your site.

Trust and Transparency

Aurpay's smart contract solutions offer encrypted transaction records shared exclusively between the merchant and platform. Access all the information you need without worrying about third-party intrusion.


Get increased peace of mind when it comes to fund security. With smart contracts, your records are stored on an encrypted blockchain ledger that’s uniquely designed to block threats from even the most experienced hackers.

Time and Cost Savings

Smart contracts remove the need for intermediaries to deal with transactions, thereby eliminating the associated time delays and significantly reducing gas consumption by 96%.

Smart Contract Applications

There are a wide variety of smart contract use cases, and we can help you capitalize on them for the betterment of your business. 


Applications include:


  • Better merchant-customer relationships
  • Faster trades and checkouts
  • Crypto fund processing automation
  • Error-free finances
  • Accurate financial data recordings


Start utilizing smart contracts today, and start getting the security, accuracy, and reliability you need to conduct crypto transactions on your website.

Smart Contract Platform

These are Just Some of the Benefits of Smart Contracts


Experience the power of superior security, reliability, and accessibility through our smart contracts executed on the Ethereum network.


Automatic Fund Transfers with Self-Enforcing Agreements

Deploy a smart contract on the blockchain and let it handle the fund transfers automatically, ensuring seamless and transparent transactions.


Simplify Payments and Settlements

Efficiently manage payments and settlements from your customers, streamlining your business processes and saving time.


Strengthen Customer Relationships

Build strong relationships with your clients, fostering trust and loyalty, essential for growing your business and increasing your profits.


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Version 1.0 smart contract feature

100% fund control by merchant only, secured by ETHEREUM smart contract.

Withdraw your crypto anytime.

Create, change deposit address or end the smart contract of your free will.