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Payment at a glance
Global expansion
made easy.

All-in-one crypto payment and revenue platform that lets you solve for today, and scale for tomorrow.

Payment at a glance
Global expansion
made easy.

All-in-one crypto payment and revenue platform that lets you solve for today, and scale for tomorrow.

Our advantages

Supported use cases

Seamless crypto payment setup for Ecommerce

Easy payment request for games industry

Hosted payment pages for creator Economy

Fast payment button setup for website owners

Powerful APIs for global businesses

One-time payments for international trade

Built-in features

Email invoicing

Payment link

Transaction & Reconciliation management

Quick refund

Partial order resolve or requesting remaining amount

Smart contract for non-custodial control

Product highlights

Global payment

Email validation for security

Payment method optimization

Deposit address safety check

No chargebacks

Automate the
Order-to-Revenue lifecycle.
All in one platform

Aurpay helps keep full records of all transactions from
checkout to reconciliation. Increase sales with a better
payment experience.


Order, invoice management

Transaction reconciliation

Lifecycle automation

Easy to use Process, refund and payment requests

From Aurpay dashboard, get a high level overview of your business’s payments in real-time, or drill into each transaction to conduct refunds. Or send a payment request to collect missing amount for a partial order with a single click.

Boost revenue
Drive decisions with 360° Revenue reporting

Recognize revenue accurately, forecast business growth, and detect order/revenue trends across your order-to-revenue cycle with real-time insights.

live revenue distribution charts

Business reporting made easy

Save up 96% gas

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Engineered for efficiency
A extensible crypto
payments platform

Accept payments and improve business efficiency globally with Aurpay’s powerful APIs
Designed to help you boost revenue.
Easily integrate our API to manage payments, view transaction flow, and perform reconciliation.

Designed to go beyond

Share an email with payment link to your customers—no code required.
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