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Safeguarding the efficiency of all payments and transactions.

Accept payments and move money with smart contracts designed to manage your funds in a pure non-custodial way, use smart contracts to easily and securely accept payments towards the decentralized future.

Our advantages

Speed, efficiency, accuracy

The smart contract will be executed automatically once a condition is met. Because smart contracts are digital workflow on chain, therefore merchants have no paperwork to fill, no reconciling errors.

Trust and transparency

The encrypted transaction records are shared across between merchant and platform, there’s no need to question whether information has been changed for personal benefit.


Blockchain transaction records are encrypted and nearly impossible to hack, hackers would need to alter entire blockchain to change a single record since each record is connected to the previous and subsequent records on a distributed ledger.


Smart contracts remove the need for intermediaries to deal with transactions, therefore, it would eliminate the associated time delays and reduce gas consumption significantly by 96%.

Increasing trust in merchant and partner relationships.
Making funds settlement faster and safer.

Aurpay uses smart contracts on blockchain to quickly manage payments and settlements from your customers, once you deploy a smart contract on chain, all funds will send to the smart contract with self-enforcing agreements. Through real-time communication and increased visibility into the payment life cycle, merchants can build stronger relationships with partners and customers. A smart contract’s terms are executed as code running on ETHEREUM which enables blockchain security, reliability, and accessibility.


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Version 1.0 smart contract feature

100% fund control by merchant only, secured by ETHEREUM smart contract.

Withdraw your crypto anytime.

Create, change deposit address or end the smart contract of your free will.