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About Aurpay

With the further recognition of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the global business and policy environment, more and more merchants who wish to use blockchain technology or access crypto market are surging; at the same time, application scenarios of cryptocurrency are gradually increasing. Payment, as an infrastructure in e-commerce overall ecology, has great development prospects.

Aurpay is a global blockchain technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to access enterprise grade cross-border crypto payments, via our advanced platform or API. Businesses can accept payments and send payouts globally in one single platform. Aurpay seamlessly connects any business, anywhere.

We’re driven by our values

First principle thinking

We are driven by curiosity and belief to make payments easy.

Always day one

We are open, take appropriate risks, adopt a results-driven approach, and are the best at what we do.

Run with it

We are determined, seek challenges, take ownership of tasks, act fast and deliver results.

Go the extra mile

We deliver beyond what is possible. We make impossible possible.

Customer first

We are creative in solving existing problems and bold in designing a new and better experience for customers.

We work as one

We value transparency, we share information, mistakes and successes as a community.


There are enough companies out there that will tell you how much they care. At Aurpay, we’re a little different. We really go beyond.


  • Stablecoins are the type of cryptocurrencies often expressed in US dollars. They are pegged 1:1 with US dollars.


    4 mins read

  • How can blockchain be considered as a decentralized system from a logical perspective? Decentralization is dispersing the control and decision-making functions away from a centralized entity or authority in the blockchain. There is no longer a third party such as an individual, organization, or group. An authority does not control blockchains but the entire network of participants.


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  • There are two general types of blockchain by permission type. Permissioned and permissionless blockchains as shown below.


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We Focus On Helping Clients Enjoy Benefits Generated By Blockchain Technology


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