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This documentation will help you get started with Aurpay. Explore our guides and examples to enable crypto payment to your business.


Aurpay offers a powerful REST API that supports standard on-chain operations with action events associated allowing you to receive and send crypto transactions instantly.


Our API uses HTTP response codes and returns all error responses in JSON. To explore the API as much as possible, we offer a developer environment in addition to production. Any operations made in the development environment use the testnet network as well as Blockchain infrastructure connected to testnet full nodes.


Development and production environments require separate API Keys that can be generated in your personal dashboard settings.

Steps to get started

1. Read the documentation

We recommend that you read the API documentation and familiarize yourself with functionalities. If you need help verifying if our solution matches your business needs, contact us at [email protected]


2. Register an account on development environment and generate API Keys

You can register an development environment account.


3. Application development phase

Develop your application using our API, including payin and payouts, orders, invoices,etc.


4.Technical assistance

If there are some technical issues in case of technical assistance needed please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you free of charge and develop the application.


5. You are ready to go

You are now ready to receive & send Cryptocurrencies. Explore our partner incentive program to help your application in spreading.