Crypto Payment Button, Cryptocurrency Donate Button

Accept crypto payments easily with our crypto payment button.

Facilitate your payments by integrating Aurpay’s Crypto Payment Button, a versatile solution for businesses, freelancers, NGOs, and content creators that allows you to accept various types of cryptocurrency on a wide variety of platforms. Our powerful, secure, and easy-to-use platform ensures seamless transactions, giving you a competitive edge over other businesses.

Create a cryptocurrency donate button or payment button on the following platforms:

Easy-to-Use, Multi-Platform Pay With Bitcoin Button


Aurpay’s customizable Bitcoin Payment Button lets you collect donations, fees, and online payments with an integrated payment button on your website or virtually any other platform where you’ve built an audience. 


The Crypto Button seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as WordPress, Wix, YouTube, Twitch, Google Sites, GoDaddy, Elementor, Blogger, as well as e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ecwid, offering flexible compatibility. Its user-friendly design ensures a smooth payment experience on any device.


You can set up a Crypto Payment Button for any platform in under five minutes. No coding or technical expertise required. Accept cryptocurrency donations and payments from customers worldwide, making your business truly global.

How to create a crypto button in less than 5 minutes

Step 1

Select Quick-Pay or donation button based on your needs.

Step 2

Enter button details. Select the payee information you want to collect. (Name, Email, Phone, etc.) You can even place your logo to build a strong brand image.

Step 3

Put the code snippet onto your website or platform, or share payment links anywhere. Then start collecting crypto payments!

And that’s it! No coding required.

Just start collecting crypto payments on all your platforms.

Cryptocurrencty Donate Button

The Power of a Payment Gateway at the Touch of a Button

By integrating our Crypto Payment Button, you can start to enjoy the numerous benefits of blockchain technology, such as secure fund control, instant withdrawals, and the freedom to create, change deposit addresses, or end smart contracts in less than 5 minutes. Experience the power of a payment gateway at the touch of a button, and propel your business to new heights.

Unparalleled Security & Speed

Our Crypto Payment Button offers unparalleled security, speed, and cost advantages over competitors. Powered by Aurpay’s cutting-edge infrastructure, the platform strictly follows AML, ATF, and other risk control measures to provide a safe and healthy payment environment. With real-time, secure cross-border transactions, expand your global business landscape and boost your business efficiency.

All the benefits of Aurpay’s Crypto Payments Button

Flexible Payment Options

Supports both one-time and recurring payments so you can collect payments the way you want and your audience can support you the way they choose.

Quick and Easy Setup

We can't say it enough: you can set this crypto payment button up in less than 5 minutes. No coding or technical expertise required! Just one click gets you up and running.

Secure Global Transactions

Real-time, secure, cross-border crypto payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. Expand your business landscape across the globe!

Looks Great on Any Device

Create a user friendly payment experience no matter what device your audience uses to access your platform.

Create it your way

Customize your payment buttons with logos and other design elements to help build and reinforce your brand.

Flexible Compatibility

Easily add a crypto button on WordPress, Wix, YouTube, Twitch, Google Sites, GoDaddy, Elementor, Blogger, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and more!

Customize Your Checkout

Set custom fields to collect the customer information you need to run and grow your business.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Monitor transaction flow, perform reconciliations, and track sales performance, all within the platform. Gain valuable insights into your crypto transactions with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

Create Multiple Buttons

Create different buttons for different purposes. If you have multiple businesses, multiple platforms, multiple payment types, etc., you can create all the buttons you need.

Easy Refunds

Manage returns and refunds while maintaining customer trust and loyalty with our straightforward, transparent, efficient refund process.


1.What is a payment button?

Aurpay payment button is the latest feature to help businesses, NGOs, content creators, freelancers, YouTubers, and Twitch channel owners accept crypto payments on websites easily.

2.What types of crypto buttons does Aurpay support?

Quick-Pay button

You can accept fixed-price payments in crypto. Customers can make quick payments.

You can also sell products or event tickets with items with support for quantity.


Donations button

Raise money for NGOs or accept donations on YouTube, Twitch, or blogs. Supporters can donate any amount they like in crypto.

3.Which platforms does Aurpay support?

Aurpay supports numerous platforms, including :

⭐  WordPress

⭐  Wix

⭐  YouTube

⭐  Twitch

⭐  Google Sites

⭐  GoDaddy

⭐  Elementor

⭐  Blogger

⭐  SquareUp/Weebly

⭐  Squarespace

⭐  Drupal Plugin

⭐  Magento commerce

⭐  Zen Cart

⭐  BigCommerce

⭐  VirtueMart

⭐  Shopware

⭐  Dokan-Marketplace

⭐  And more

If you don’t see your platform here, contact us and we’ll let you know if our crypto button will work for you.

4.What are the payment button donation fees?

Aurpay charges only 0.8% per donation payment, significantly lower than Stripe (2.9% + $0.3) and PayPal (up to 5%). Special offers are available for higher volume clients. Contact [email protected] for details.

Sign up now to experience the power of your own crypto payment button.

Sign up for a merchant account and start collecting crypto from your audience today, no matter what platform you use to reach them.



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