Why is crypto ownership vital for future digital marketplace

Why is crypto ownership vital for future digital marketplace?

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Published on 11/06/2023. Author: Dokoe.me Editor: Aurpay & AurTeam

The rise of AI technology is reshaping the economic landscape. It is also a reflection of a change in the form of human consciousness existing on Earth.

The individualization of businesses is happening, and the gig economy has never before offered more freedom in both the location and time of working globally.

Thus this is inevitable that marketplace is becoming more digital and increasingly personalized.
Marketplace could also transform itself into various kinds of forms that essentially offer an action of trading nature, not limited to the traditional commerce that our generations have been used to.

Every individual is an entity with economic attributes. Intangible assets, qualities of a person can also leverage digital tools to manifest their value. That’s also the positivity that the rapid development of technology could gift us.

Companies can be transformed into more decentralized forms to empower individuals as the smallest business entities. This is obviously accelerated by the rising AI technology.

Consequently, peer-to-peer value exchange gains paramount importance. Simultaneously in this way, the internet evolves into a borderless marketplace, offering both challenges and opportunities for the next generation to establish themselves in the digital landscape. Though territorial regulations and constraints still apply, they won’t affect the arise of main merge among individual marketplaces.

Cryptocurrencies and digital money, facilitating peer-to-peer electronic transactions, are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping this new individual-centric economy.

Although the digital/internet ‘money’ most suitable for such an innovative and futuristic marketplace has yet to be determined. We are also witnessing the evolution of the cryptocurrencies for the moment.

There is a chance that a diversity in the value carrier would be allowed and there wouldn’t  be exactly a dominant currency like how it works in nowadays and how history shows.

There are many options of various cryptocurrencies in the market. Nevertheless the importance of a digital value carrier is apparent. For the time being, bitcoin and crypto is the representative for such purpose.

To simplify it, we can deem that crypto ownership is the key to unlock the future digital marketplace.


Here are some key points as simple and summarized answers for the question:

As the advancement of AI and technology allows individuals to become micro-entrepreneurs or freelancers, platforms and AI-driven tools can enable them to offer skills and services directly to a global audience. This global reach, accredited to the borderless nature of the internet, provides individuals with the chance to access a global customer base and collaborate conveniently with others from different regions.This undoubtedly will bring the high demand for peer to peer transactions, current blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have made this more efficient, secure, and accessible.

Digital currency plays a significant role in this prospect and offers means of conducting peer-to peer transactions globally.

This is what the digital economy is evolving into, where especially new generations will adapt, learn and position themselves in a more dynamic, interactive and individualized environment.

We are living in times of connection. Crypto ownership definitely opens a door for the foreseen to be accessible.


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