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Why are crypto payments popular at events?

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Published on 9/1/2022 by Aurpaytech

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is said to be a fantastic future of our world, so more and more merchants begin incorporating the currency into their e-commerce businesses. Taking into consideration all the new tendencies in the globe of cryptocurrency, as well as its influence on the international economy, we are capable of leveraging the chances that come along with it. Anyway, what is the probability of cryptocurrency becoming a universal currency? And the answer is: very high. As you have noticed, big firms like Microsoft, PayPal, DELL, Tesla, LOT, etc., have already accepted digital currency as a legal payment option.


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Why should we begin cryptocurrency in our stores?

Well, the digital currency will be continually developing and impacting the state of things in our globe. So, the earlier we incorporate it into our e-commerce business, the top chances are for us to get into a new global economy. Additionally, as we have already mentioned, big world-known enterprises have accepted it.
Apart from all these new tendencies, everybody is discussing. You might be surprised by the advantages of accepting it on your site. In essence, you will be capable to begin earning more money. The model largely applied nowadays to manage your cryptocurrency income is pretty lucrative for converting fifty percent of all cryptocurrency gained into whatever currency you need and the rest you hold on asset management platforms.




Advantages of AURPAY crypto payments in E-commerce

⭐  Improved security

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, touted as one of the best technologies today. On top of being attractive for consumer protection, blockchain permits firms to reject other security risks by handling some of the transactional duties that other less-secure systems generally need to do. And for merchants with high-risk products containing proof of expiration or validity date, blockchain can quickly confirm the authenticity or validity of the products, permitting consumers a powerful sense of trust.

⭐  Reduced cost

If you have ever used a PayPal or credit card merchant account to process transactions on your site, you are most likely familiar with the fees that come with it. For example, PayPal and credit cards charge around three percent per transaction. The cost of processing credit card fees can be prohibitive, mainly for businesses with expensive items or tight margins.
Setting up the process for accepting digital currency does involve some up-front costs. But once everything is in place, the cost of managing crypto payments is much lower than the costs linked with credit card payments. Crypto can also decrease or even eliminate the need to accept foreign currencies or have a multi-currency option on your eCommerce website, which means affordable transaction costs and reduced risks for global transfers.

⭐  Access to new demographics and markets

Did you know there are two billion people without access to traditional banking services? In America, the unbanked represents almost seven percent of the adult population. Cryptocurrencies eliminate the need for an intermediary between seller and buyer – meaning every person with an internet connection is now financially accessible. But it is not just about democratizing currency – using Bitcoin permits businesses to tap into emerging markets and make their offer access to a bigger audience. This means more customers, which means more chances to sell.

⭐  Quick access to funds

The common trust in financial institutions and their business values is declining, leading many customers to gravitate toward digital currencies. And the same issues that make the public reluctant to put all their eggs in a single basket most certainly apply to businesses. When we offer digital payment methods, you can quickly access the funds being transferred. The elegance of the transaction and its efficiencies advantage both the customer and the merchant, permitting a permanent record without relying on a middleman.




The present role of cryptocurrency in E-commerce

⭐  Paypal

Paypal released “checkout with crypto” in March 2021, a feature allowing American customers to pay online retailers using their crypto coins. All digital currencies can be saved directly within the PayPal digital wallet and are converted to fiat currency at checkout with no extra transaction fees.

⭐  Expedia

In partnership with crypto-friendly traveling booking platform Travala, Expedia has started accepting payments for over 700,000 hotels and accommodations with digital currencies.

⭐  eBay

eBay announced earlier current year that they would be open to the chance of accepting cryptocurrency as a type of payment in the future. In their own words, it is something we are keeping an eye on.




Implementing cryptocurrency

Implementing crypto can be performed by a personal wallet or a 3rd party payment processor. Most wallets can be immediately downloaded to your computer or phone, or you can get a hardware wallet. If you pick 3rd party processor such as Aurpay, they will manage the full payment processor. A 3rd party payment processor can also quickly convert the cryptocurrency into fiat, saving you from any price volatility.




Is crypto the future?

The number of retailers accepting crypto payments may be small, but it is growing. The rise of 3rd party payment processing systems like Aurpay indicates that interest is rising even more.
Presently, crypto does not feel fully accessible to the everyday consumer. It will take much trust-building and familiarity for those not investment or financial experts to invest and feel relaxed using digital currencies for their purchases. This is where a powerful marketing technique steps in.
With new kinds of cryptocurrency launching all the time, will you consider shopping with Bitcoin? Or would you set up your internet store to accept cryptocurrency payments?
While you may still be far from discovering the top crypto coin to mine and the most gainful Bitcoin mining pool, you know a thing or w about using digital currencies in eCommerce.

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