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What Are The Benefits Of Bitcoin Donation?

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Published on 03/09/2023 by Aurpaytech

Cryptocurrency fundraising is one of the quickest-growing donation methods today. That is hugely due to its tax benefits and the exponential rise of users investing in crypto.


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Why donate in crypto

A lot of cryptos are well-known for their volatility, and if you want to transfer the value you grip today you might be better off donating cash – just in case the market crashes by the time your recipient wants to use your crypto to purchase stuff.

Anyway, some charities welcome price instability, considering it a way to raise the value of donations over time.

There are other advantages. Direct crypto donations could help you reject capital gains taxes on sales, and you could even be entitled to a tax cut if you are donating to an established charity.




Advantages of bitcoin donation

Here are some of the advantages of bitcoin donation

Access a global audience

One of the big benefits for charities accepting donations in bitcoin is access to a big global audience.

By accepting cryptocurrency for donation, an organization can unlock the door to accept donations from any person, anywhere in the planet. Instead of paying international exchange fees, replacing currencies, and dealing with international banks, charities can target what is vital taking care of their community.

This access is very vital for charities that have an attendance in countries with a low-value local currency. Making it simple to donate cryptocurrency and rejecting international exchange fees will encourage donors from countries with top value currencies.



Track how donations are used

Speaking of transparency, the digital currency feature that is most amazing to those who use it is its transparent and immutable nature, transactions, once done, can never be changed. Once a transaction is made, it will exist forever on the decentralized digital ledger that is the blockchain. That means that donations made on the blockchain are less likely to be susceptible to dishonest charities who misuse outright scams, or misuse funds. Donors should forever be wary of charity scams and those looking to accept donations that are not officially charities.



Grow your crypto funds like a big investment

Since the value of digital currencies tends to increase over time, like an investment, they can be a valuable asset for an organization who is capable of holding onto their funds for a time. As with any appreciating asset, there is also the potential for depreciation, so you need to be alert of the trends and market, and forever think strategically.

Donors who bought into bitcoins early on have seen their assets grow amazingly. For some donors, this big growth of wealth means they are more interested in keeping or managing for themselves. Many people have taken to donating those proceeds, which we think is a really amazing way to share the advantages of cryptocurrencies.



Encourage adoption and transparency

The dream of every early bitcoin adopter is that these digital currencies will become widespread, used by every person on a daily basis. It is a bonus that the same technology can be used to make the globe a better location.

When donors request the charities accept donations in crypto, it is raising the visibility of cryptocurrencies and encouraging bigger adoption. A famous charity promotes donating in bitcoin, the advantage could encourage those who have not yet started using cryptocurrencies to join in.

As a charity, there is an advantage to being an early adopter, you get access to a big amount of wealth that other charities don’t yet have access to. There is a time and financial cost to setting up the technology to accept cryptocurrencies as donations, but being an early adopter can also have its advantages.



Tax implications for crypto donations

Tax is an essential consideration for cryptocurrency nonprofits and donors. The internal revenue service (IRS) announced in 2014 that it treats crypto assets as property rather than digital currency. Those donating with bitcoin don’t recognize loss, income, or gain from those contributions. Instead, they access their tax cut based on the cryptocurrency’s fair market value if they have held it for more than 1 year.

If a donor gives over $6,000 in cryptocurrency, they must use a cryptocurrency appraiser to assess the worth. A charity can include value for cryptocurrency donors by advising them of the right service providers to make the transaction as friction-free as possible.

The IRS published rules in 2019 verifying reporting requirements for nonprofits taking cryptocurrency donations. They must treat it as a non-cash donation and can sign an acknowledgment for crypto donations worth more than $250. They must sign a Form 8283 for donations over $5,000 and sign a Form 8282 within 3 years of exchanging a cryptocurrency donation for cash.



Marketing to donors

Nonprofits should view bitcoin donors as a new group that might like outside their existing base. Although the demographic is replacing as technology becomes mainstream, most asset holders today are tech-savvy, younger, and predominantly male.

Make it simple to give by creating a dedicated web page for cryptocurrency donations. These permit nonprofits to make a memorable, short link that they can add anywhere. Promote this through a press release; a nonprofit accepting cryptocurrency is still an exciting event.

Add this short link in everything from emails to written materials and fold it into your existing fundraising material. Market it in social media posts and newsletters.




How to accept crypto donation with AURPAY?

Aurpay’s payment buttons and links allow you to effortlessly accept crypto payments on your site.Or accept crypto donations for your YouTube, or Twitch channel with our crypto button.Collect crypto payments with a simple button of your design.Find how to enable crypto donation for your platform here.


Why are crypto taxes so high?

Like stocks, the IRS considers cryptocurrency as property for tax objectives, treating it as a capital asset. You are taxed on bitcoin gains the same way you would be taxed for gains on your capital assets.


How are crypto trades taxed?

Many of the same tax rules that are used in stock trading apply to crypto. You own capital gains taxes on any profits earned while trading bitcoin. If you lose money, you can cut the trade as capital loss.


Are there any unique forms I should submit for crypto taxes?

Fill out the IRS Form 8949 to report your bitcoin taxes, and contain those totals on your Form Schedule D. Report any remaining bitcoin income on the Form 1040.

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