Refer New Merchants To AURPAY And Earn Passive Income

 Refer New Merchants To AURPAY And Earn Lifetime Passive Income

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Published on 03/23/2023 by Aurpaytech

Aurpay provides safe, smooth, non-custodial and quick cryptocurrency payments and transparent payment processing fees. Any cryptocurrency options are converted to fiat rates at true-time exchange rates. Merchant’s customers can simply and quickly pay for the purchases on your site on any device.


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Why refer new merchants to Aurpay?

  •         Flexible rate commissions from every merchant you refer
  •         Advantage both you and your merchants
  •         Special referral link to fit your branding
  •         All in one partner dashboard, manage your income and merchants
  •         Lifetime revenue sharing, you plan how much you want to charge




How to use referral link to invite new users

Here is how you can use the partner program:

Sign up for the partner program: To become an partner, you need to register for the program by visiting the site and filling out the partner registration form.

Get your referral link: After signing up for the partner program with, you will get a special referral link. You can share this link with your family, friends, and other people to earn up to 38% commission.

Share your referral link: You can share your referral link via email, social media, or any other means. When any person clicks on your referral links and sign up for this site, you will earn a commission on their transactions.

Track your referral and commissions: This site gives dashboard where you can track your commissions and referrals. You can check your earnings and see how many people have signed up using your referral link. If you invite 100 users, you will get lifetime earnings.

Withdraw your earnings: You can withdraw your earnings from the partner program once you have reached the lowest payout threshold. The payout options contain PayPal, bank transfer, and other electronic payment methods.




Advantages of using Aurpay as a payment gateway

Bitcoin payment processor provides a number of specs, including the capability to accept payments from customers all over the planet, the capability to keep your funds in bitcoins or change them to cash, and the capability to mechanically convert prices to your domestic currency. Some processors also provide tools to help you manage your bitcoin transactions and save your business from fraud.

Merchants who accept cryptocurrencies will appeal to a larger client base for the following reasons:

  •         Security: customers can be involved by the money’s nearly impenetrable encryption, which is mainly attractive when completing any transactions.
  •         Anonymity: Crypto transactions are almost forever anonymous.
  •         Opportunity: Markets have exploded due to bitcoin status as a new type of currency. That is, a little investment can pay out handsomely.
  •         Accessibility: Bitcoin is accessible to every person.

When picking a Airpay bitcoin payment gateway, there are a few things to bear in mind. The primary is the level of security provided by the gateway. You will want to ensure that your customer’s data is saved with the new encryption technology. The second consideration is the simplicity of use. You will want to find a gateway that is simple to integrate into your site or checkout process. Finally, you will want to consider the costs linked with using the gateway. Some gateways charge a transaction fee, while others charge an annual or monthly fee.

When accepting cryptocurrency payments, you can use your own digital currency wallet. Anyway, using a payment gateway can mechanize the process of exchanging crypto and maintaining a wallet. This helps in payment processing and aids in the expansion of your company.

The blockchain network is an important component of cryptocurrency payment gateways. This decentralized system provides advantages such as transaction transparency and data integrity, among others. Additionally, the decentralized structure of the blockchain get rid of the need for middlemen in the payment process. As a result, transactions are quicker, and processing times are reduced. The status of gateway services will continue to rise as more people adopt crypto.

Further, crypto gateway can give added security against false activities. As such, businesses that adopt this technology will be capable of better customer service and profits.

Decentralized payment systems are perfect for businesses as they provide many advantages such as quick transactions, a diverse wallet ecosystem, and best security. As a result, retailers may see a surge in interest from crypto fans in the near future. If you are a growing firm, having the best bitcoin payment gateway customized for your needs is important.

Here are a few things to consider when picking a processor:

  •         Are you looking to accept payments from customers all over the planet?
  •         Do you need help changing prices to your local currency?
  •         Do you want to keep your funds in bitcoin or cryptocurrency or change them to cash?
  •         Do you need protection from scam?

If you want to integrate a crypto payment gateway in your firm process, you must first establish a link with a reliable provider. Aurpay is a well-established payment system that works rightly for all customers. You can use Aurpay to accept cryptocurrency online payment.

For these reasons, bitcoin payment gateways are indisputably advantageous to any firm. By implementing this technology, you can make it easier for your customers to make payments and better your full business efficiency.





What is Aurpay referral program?

Aurpay referral program helps you to get money through invites. You can get up to 38% commission from a single invite and lifetime earnings from 100 of invites.

What benefits would cryptocurrency provide for my business with referral program?

Cryptocurrencies give many benefits to businesses and their customers. These contain transaction security, speed, and ease while accessing services and data all through the globe. Before delivering data, the top cryptocurrency payment gateways use encryption technologies to save vital information. This means that any sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card information, is encrypted before being transmitted to the public network. This makes it far harder for hackers to get access to your personal information.

If you want to accept bitcoin or other crpytocurrencies on your site or e-commerce business, get in touch with crypto payment gateway quickly to see how they can help you better client experience.




End Words

Blockchain has significantly replaced a number of industries, including finance. From fiat money to digital money to cryptocurrencies, payment methods are fast evolving, and payment services are spreading alongside them. Although traditional financial systems provide many advantages, they also have serious issues, including a lack of automation, delays in cross-border transactions, and the requirement of middlemen. Worldwide, organizations are alert of these shortcomings.

The cryptocurrency payment gateway is a service that permits businesses to accept cryptocurrency as payment on their site or e-commerce shop without owing any crypto assets.

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