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Published on 04/18/2023 by aurpaytech

Dear Aurpay Users and Community Members, 


At Aurpay, our unwavering commitment is to create value for our users and community, and to serve as a driving force in the digital economy. We firmly believe in the boundless potential of blockchain and crypto technologies to deliver tangible benefits and transformative change. To realize this vision, the Aurpay team is carefully selecting cryptocurrencies for our payment collection service, prioritizing those that embody genuine value storage. 


As a result, we have chosen to remove SHIB, DOGECOIN, BCH, and TRX from our homepage while retaining other existing coins. Customization options remain available upon request. This decision aligns with market trends and user preferences, facilitating the advancement of the digital economy and generating greater value for our users and community. 


Our aim is to better support truly valuable cryptocurrencies and stimulate the growth of the digital economy. We will maintain our vigilance of market developments and persistently enhance the quality of our services to maximize value for our users and communities. 


Please note that apart from the aforementioned coins, all other Aurpay functions remain intact. You can continue to enjoy our secure, swift, and top-notch payment and receiving services. 


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and trust in Aurpay. Rest assured that we will keep striving to deliver increased value and innovation to our users and community. 



The Aurpay Team 

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