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Orders, invoices, revenue analysis all in one place.

Doing business online means different things to different businesses. We’ve got the tools to get crypto payment easily, without worrying about outsourcing or monthly fees.

You control the experience

Easily allow merchants to do

Create elegent invoices for a smooth customer experience

Pay outstanding orders

Build hosted payment pages

Aurpay’s amazing payments built-in.

Aurpay’s amazing payments

Even with crypto payments, you benefit from Aurpay’s lower rates, top-tier security protection, and real-time deposits.

One free account. Full access

No paywalls or trials here.

At no extra cost, Aurpay’s all-in-one Merchant platform provides the infrastructure and all the tools you need to get paid and grow your business.

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Payment links

QR codes

Payment pages

Payment button

Smart contract

Developer platform

Incentives for partner revenue growth

Why you’ll love Aurpay.

Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing.


No monthly fees

No chargebacks or hidden fees

The friendliest humans committed to you.

Get help fast

Speak to a real person

Experts you can trust


Why should i choose Aurpay?

Transparency, lowest rates and intelligent tools! Many merchants have been dragged through the mud by their prior payment method, with hidden fees, contracts, and terrible services. We’ve built our reputation on being the opposite. We care about building long-term relationships with our merchants.


Have more questions? Email, give us a call, or get started now. Our in-house team of Aurpay Merchant Experience Specialists is here to share their knowledge, answer your questions and point you in the right direction. No commissions, no pressure.

What is Aurpay partner program?

Our partner incentive program is designed to attract ,engage and retain talent, we reward partners with crypto and share Aurpay’s growth


We equip our partners with the most competitive cost system, resulting in the ability to expand easily and earn more.

How long do funds take to be deposited?

Nearly instant! Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. With Aurpay, you receive crypto currencies immediately. Or convert to Stablecoin at the time of the transaction to avoid crypto price changes.


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It’s time to feel good about your payments.

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