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Say hello to the powerful Payment Button

Business owners from all over the country are using payment buttons to collect payments for multiple items with a single button on their website. Experience how the payment button will look on your website.

Power of a Payment Gateway, At The Touch Of A Button

Collect donations, fees, online payments and more with Aurpay payment button in less than 5 minutes.

Instantly offer eCommerce

Put buy buttons on your existing website, portfolio, or blog and just like you have an e-commerce business. Accept secure payments online for anything from products and services to subscriptions or donations with recurring payment schedules.

Instantly offer eCommerce

Product highlights

Collect One time and recurring payments with an integrated payment button on your website.

Set up in no time

Create a payment button within a minute. Just a single click, it's that easy!Zero technical effort from your end.

Designed to reach global customers

Accept cryptos for real-time, secure, cross-border payments to expand your global business landscape, from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Looks great on any devices

User friendly payment experience on your website, compatible with any devices.

Create it your way

Customize your payment buttons to reflect your brand ideas and design

Flexible compatibility

Easily add a button on Wix, Godaddy, WordPress or any website builder tools.

Powered by Aurpay infrasture

The customized logo inspires trust of customers and increases your brand awareness.

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