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Accept Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Payments


Accept Bitcoin Cash(BCH) payments in your e-commerce platform or accept crypto donations with Aurpay Crypto Payment Gateway, effortlessly accepting BCH and altcoin payments with no coding required.

Self-custody: take 100% control of your crypto

Cheapest fees: save 96% gas for settlement, no hidden cost

Boost your earning: earn $2/order than other payment processors

Flexible payment options: e-commerce plugins, invoices, donation button, API

accept BCH payments

What is Bitcoin Cash(BCH) payment?

Bitcoin Cash payments allow merchants to accept BCH in exchange for the goods or services they provide. Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that aims to improve some of the latter’s shortcomings. BCH has some advantages compared to BTC, mainly in its scalability, and transaction processing speed improvement.


Due to its decentralized, fast, secure and cost-friendly nature, businesses use BCH as a payment solution.

How does Bitcoin Cash(BCH) payment work?

You want to accept BCH for your website or donations

Aurpay offers various tools allowing to implement BCH payments for your websites or online store.

Your cutomer wants to pay with BCH

Aurpay provides more than 50 popular cryptocurrency options for your customer to choose.

Aurpay creates a payment window

Real-time conversions from fiat to selected crypto,we show payment details to customer.

You receive crypto and settle anytime

You can send payout to your personal wallet and perform reconciliation for you.

Why accept Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

The crypto market is growing tremendously, and many businesses are already accepting cryptocurrencies. Accepting BCH provides more flexibility to your business and will significantly increase your sales, attract potential customers, and also surpass your competitors.

Instant cross-border payments

Embrace 300M+ new, wealthier customers

Self-custody option makes you in control of your money

Enjoy lowest fees compared to fiat or other crypto payment gateway

How to accept BCH payments for your store?

1. Sign up an Aurpay merchant account to start with

2. Choose your ecommerce platform & connect to your store

Set up your Merchant ID and Public Key

3. Enable the Crypto you want to accept

4. All done! You are ready to accept crypto payments for your websites

More about BCH payments

1. How can i accept BCH payment for my website?

Sign up as an Aurpay merchant.

Choose your integration, e-commerce plugins or donation button and donation link.

Setup Merchant ID and Public Key.

Now you are ready to accept BCH.

2. Where can i use BCH payment?

A few use cases here:


   a) Your ecommerce website, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Paid Membership Pro, Easy

        Digital Downloads, etc.

   b) Add a donation, subscription button or payment link to your website, like WordPress,

        Wix, Youtube, Twitch platforms, so your audience can reward you.

    c) Send invoices to your customer with one-time payment link that they can pay


   d) Via our API, you can easily integrate into your website or application.

3. How do i make a BCH payment?

Download any BCH wallet, you can copy the destination wallet address or scan the QR code to send BCH.

4. How do i accept a BCH donation?

You can customize a donation button or link depends on where you want. There are two froms, you can embed code widget or paste link.

5. Can i accept BCH payment as a business owner?

Yes, of course, use Aurpay Crypto Payment Gateway to accept BCH, cryptocurrency is a great payment option for legal business.

6. Is it legal to accept BCH payments?

For the most places, it’s legal, it depends on where is your jurisdiction.

7. How long does it take to settle BCH?

It’s real-time, while traditional payments take T3-T5 days to settle. BCH is almost instant.

8. Can i convert BCH to fiat money?

Yes, of course, you can use off-ramp solution to convert BCH to fiat, or you can easily do this on any cryptocurrency exchange. We suggest you do not store your Crypto in any exchange, take FTX crisis as an example.

9. Is BCH safe?

Yes, BCH is safe and all transactions are final, it is decentralized, secure and transparent. All payments are irreversible so there will be no chargeback.

10. How many BCH users worldwide?

More than 17.12 million BCH owners, you can easily attract these crypto users to your website and increase your sales. You can list your store in our Aurpay Crypto Payment Directory, each day thousands of BCH owners shop on our site.



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